Color-blocking is the exploration of taking colors that are opposites on the color wheel and pairing them together to make interesting and complementary colors.

It usually involves two or more colours, generally in bold and bright colours and results in a simple and chic look.

Ladies can colour-block everything. Even though colour-blocking has been the trend for over the years, many Ghanaian ladies still have a preference and a love  for it. It is still the “ISH” in town.

So now it’s time to start thinking about doing the same to your wardrobe.

Colour-blocking is a great compromise for those who are typically pattern-shy, and its sharp structure allows for pieces to easily transition from day to night.

From in-your-face colour combos to classy linear shapes, all you need to do is amp up your look with these colour-blocking styles.

(1). Wide horizontal stripes and just about three quarters- length sleeves will make a dress appropriate for both the office and the cocktail lounge.

wide horizontal strip dress play wild horizontal three quarter dress (


(2). Two tone drape blouse: keep it really interesting with this sophisticated loose top, it is usually emerald-coloured and buttoned-dress from the front, but the back has a sexy cut out. This top is perfect for a lunch date at the mall.


Two tone drape blouse play two tone drape blouse (


(3). Zebra colour block tee: You definitely will love the playful contrast of wavy zebra stripes and the structured colour square.

Zebra  colour block Tee playZebra  colour block Tee


(4). Slimming two-tone dress: This dress is full of surprises. A racer back, a high-low hem, and a scoop neckline ensures that your look will fierce from every angle.

Colour block Ho-dress play colour block dress (


(5). Brass circle colour-block pendants: These teeny-weeny pendants are made from raw brass. Hand painted in gorgeous colors like dove grey or green.

Colour block necklace play colour block pendants (


(6). Cool iPad case: You can also keep your technology fashionable with a cool transparent vinyl pouch, made to fit your pad and iPhone.

I-pad cover play vinyl Pod poches (


(7). Colour-block sunglasses: These preppy shades are fit for any occasion.


Sheriff sunglasses play sheriff and cherry sunglasses (


(8). Crop colour-block tee: You can layer it over a form- fitting tank dress, jeans or a high-waisted skirt for a fun date or night look.

Crop top Tee play Crop Tee (


(9). Colour-block bag: Hit town in style with a bold trendy colour-block leather bag, just make sure it doesn’t clash with your outfit!

Colour block leather bag play Colour blocked leather bag (


(10). Colour-blocking swimsuits: Heading to the beach this weekend? You can take a colour-block style with you too. There are plenty of swimsuits that are two-tone on the market, and if cut in the right places, they can be very flattering too. Otherwise, go for a simple one-colour piece and then use a scarf to get your contrast.

Beach dress