So the wedding bells are sounding. Everything is in place. Guests have traveled from near and far to witness your happy day. The blushing bride is busy preparing for the wedding.

So its the D-day, all arrangement in place and everything is set for the wedding. The bride of the day thus decide against her friend’s better judgement to leave her friends in her hotel room, take a moment alone in an empty room and cool off for a minute. “Its okay to be nervous, in fact its normal’, “oh, am so happy for you’, “girlfriend, just breathe in and out”, “your makeup is starting to wash” her well meaning friends were all saying over one another. She’s had enough. Though she know they mean well, she just need a moment alone. Fully dressed in her white gown, tiara with her veils, white sparking four inches stiletto, she just walked out of the room and down the hall. She opened the door to the only unoccupied room in their hotel floor and she just couldn’t take another step or even breathe.

Tangled on the bed naked with her brother’s girlfriend is her soon to be husband!!!

Feeling totally numb, she opened her mouth and the only thing that came out in a voice she doesn’t recognize was “how long?”

Totally without shame, the girl replied six mouths. She wanted to die on the spot.

Now the question is if you are the one, what will you do? Will you go ahead with the marriage or tell the man to go to hell?