Having an orgasm during sex can be an amazing experience, but if you do not learn how to make it even hotter, you might end up losing that thrill.

Here are three big ways of making sure you get the best out of your orgasm.

Female orgasm play Female orgasm

The stop and start

Prolonging pleasure by stopping just when you’re about to reach climax adds to the intensity and length of your orgasm. But don’t stop more than a couple of times or you might lose interest.

Slow the tempo

When you’re close to an orgasm, your natural instinct will urge you to speed up whatever you’re doing—don’t do it.  Instead, slow it down. The eventual slow release of pleasure will last longer and be more intense.


Tell him what you want him to do, whether it’s to slow down, speed up, give you some head, stroke you, spank you, whatever be it. Communicating will help lead you to your long-lasting, body-convulsing, toe-curling, scream-bloody-murder orgasm