​Most times women tend to spend more money on their looks trying to cover, enhance, tone their bodies. It may come as surprise but men actually admire these physical traits that you may find unappealing.

Julia Austin of Madame Noire lists a few of these traits that men love in their women:

1. Smile lines: Those little lines that form around your eyes when you smile—those just make you look extremely happy. They make your eyes look like they light up, with little rays of sunshine shooting out of them.

2. Grown out roots: These are just proof that you live a busy, fully life that’s left you no time for the salon. A guy would prefer you went on a road trip with friends than sat in the salon that weekend. The roots can wait.

3. Crooked teeth: So many people get veneers and whiten their teeth today. A little tooth that is slightly turned shows you don’t need perfection to be happy. And it gives you character.

4. A little muffin top: That just reminds him of the female figure! If there were absolutely no jiggle above your jeans, you’d be a stick!

5. Ear lobes: Playing with your earlobes is something that only your boyfriend or partner can do. He knows it, and for that reason he loves those little floppy things.

6. Interesting hands: Whether your hands are covered in freckles, super long and skinny, small and pudgy, or large and in charge, guys think interesting hands are adorable.

7. A little armpit/boob fat: You’re embarrassed of those tank tops that leave a little armpit/boob fat spilling over the top. Guys just see it as a bonus: a little boob peeking out.

8. Small boobs: Some guys love the look of small, dainty boobs. They like the challenge of doing a lot with a little.

9. Stretch marks: These are a part of your journey as a woman. Between puberty, college, and maybe some breakup weight, you’ve lost and gained weight. You’ve lived a full and interesting life. Your stretch marks show it.

10. Sun spots: You see “age spots” but your guy just sees proof that you love to be outdoors and feel the sun on your skin. But seriously, wear sunscreen!

11. A round tummy: What else is he supposed to lay his head on when you watch TV? Skin and bones? Nuh-uh.

12. Touching thighs: Forget the thigh gap. Men love those little pockets of flesh that touch between your thighs.

13. Un-manicured eyebrows: A few stray hairs on your eyebrows, or even bushy brows, will always appeal to the natural-loving man.