Dear Women,

It is possible. You can be with a man and he won’t cheat. You can be all to him. His every waking thought. By your accepting less than you deserve, you are subtly sending the message to him that he is indispensable.

He would, consciously or unconsciously, take advantage of the “leeway” you’ve granted. Seize the power that you wield. Demand, don’t expect and never rationalize.

The thing most women do not understand is that their attitudes towards their men determine the way they would be perceived by those men.

The twenty-first-century male is a prowling predator, and like every predator worth his billing, there would be no mercy for the weak. The weak would be devoured, wholly, then it’s unto the next challenge.

If your man feels that nothing more than a feeble repercussion would come from his philandering ways, he would, like most men, seize his opportunity.

You would be a gift to him, a blessing, an angel sent down to help him on in his quest to conquer everylass in town. A balance has to be struck, on the one hand, you are the sweet and sexy thing that you are, and on the other hand you are fierce, and would not take any slight likely.

You have to make him understand this. Knowing your man goes a long way to striking a balance. I am not talking about a surface knowledge, like his name and his favourite food, I am talking about a deep knowledge

A woman can be everything and a man is wired to be only one thing. What he admires is what he admires, it won’t change.

Even though I am not in support of somebody consciously altering his or her personality just so he or she can psychologically bully his or her partner into submission to their will, as women, you have to be proactive.

You are already deemed vulnerable enough as is, so a little bit of know-how in your psychological arsenal can bode no malaise.

As it is often said, “All is fair in love and war”. So, what is this writer trying to say? Understand your man. Read him. Know the many things that attract him and then draw him, wrap him around your tiny fingers, by being exactly those things.

If after all your efforts, wearing that short skirt more often or cooking at odd hours for him, he still proceeds to that skanky side chic of his, he’s not worth you. Or your effort. And you would only emphasize your value by moving on.