​Most songs portray that money can buy love. They all think that what drives a girl crazy in love is a man’s money.

I totally don’t agree with that at all. Love is very precious. It has no cost price or price tag like so many shoes or jewelleries do have. Not everyone is drawn into Love because of money.

Any lady who falls for a man because of his money is cheap. She has a selling price. She can as well fall for anything materialistic.

Love is deep. You have to look out for something deep in the person you love. Money won’t make you happy. Not at all.

Why am I saying this? If money is the main reason you want to fall in love, think twice. You might just be making a mistake and heading to destruction.

There is should be something deeper in a man/woman that makes you want to spend the rest of your life with that person.

Look for things like his spiritual life and relationship with God, his dream and vision, how passionate is he/she about success, Does she/he have a dream? How about his personality? And a lot more.

Ladies, if you fall for a man because of his money, he will use it to insult you. He will say “after all, you were all over me because of my money.”

However, marry a man who has a passion for success, a God fearing man and a man of purpose, he will never use a word like that on you; instead he will bless you and thank you for helping him to discover and achieve so many things. He will bless the day he set his eyes on you.

Look for something deeper in love!