​As fun as cuddles and kisses sound, that is not the only thing that goes on when sharing bed with your spouse.

Jacob Andrews , a Brooklyn based illustrated the stages of sharing your bed with your spouse in a new series called “The 6 Stages Of Sleeping With Another Person. 

Snoring, weird sleeping postures, sleep talking, sleep walking are sleeping habits that are mostly hidden till marriage. For newly weds and those planning to move in together, this is for you. 

Don’t be fooled, sharing a bed is not always about curdles and kisses. Listed below are six stages of sharing your bed with your spouse.

Stage One : The golden time

This period is usually between the first and third year of a marriage. Cuddles and kisses are endless and sleep patterns are moderate.

Stage Two: The sweaty stage

At the stage the couple can survive the nights without curdles, or kisses.

Stage Three: The too close or too far away moment

The extreme stage where you either want all the curdle you can get, or nothing.

Stage Four: Sleeping at weird angles

At this stage, you are unsure of which sleeping position is the best for you.

Stage Five: The weird sleep habits

Weird sleep habits such as sleep walking, snoring starts stealing your sleep from you.

Stage six: It makes you appreciate sleeping alone

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