​He cheats on you and you go crying to his friend.

He assures you that he would talk some sense

into him. He cheats again, and you end up in his

sister’s arms crying like your life has been

brought to an abrupt end. She still promises to

talk to him and yet there is no change. He

cheats again, and this time you cannot take it.

You go crying before his mum, and she pleads

with you to be patient with him! He keeps on

cheating, you keep on crying and they keep on

talking. Girl, for how long??? It doesnt matter if

he cries along with you too. Apologies mean

nothing when he keeps doing what he is sorry

about… .

 One beautiful day, his mum asks to see

you and just when you think you want to hear

something beautiful. She drops the bomb shell.

‘Please, I really want you to move on with your

life and forget about my son. Another woman is

pregnant for him. . Ladies, please wake up from

your slumber and face it; 

*You are getting

married to a ‘child’ If they have to keep talking

to him about you.

 *Apologies do not mean

anything if he keeps doing what he is sorry


 *Ohh please, respect yourself! Do you

have to keep talking about your relationship to

everyone? Have you considered what marriage

will be like? 

*You are more than an option.

 Even if you have wasted a good number of years on

him, it is still better than wasting your entire

future. It hurts,i know but isnt it better than

hurting everyday of your life? You aint safe with

a cheating man. Yeah, even the girl who got

pregnant for him isnt too.. The fact that there’s

no perfect man on earth doesnt mean that you

should end up with a beast. There are still

decent and responsible men who stick to their

vows so do not die in the hands of a cheating

man. Do not buy into the myth that all men

cheat! Not all men do.