​The best way to make any overweight woman sign up to a new diet is to promise her she will be able to eat anything she likes and still shed the pounds.

Of course, speaking from experience, it’s eating whatever you like that has led to that muffin top and chub rub in the first place. But as any serial dieter will tell you, we’d still like a miracle fix.

So when I started to see websites raving about ‘The dieting trend that leaves room for doughnuts’, ‘The diet that lets you eat pizza’ and, in esteemed Time magazine, just last week ‘Meet the incredibly fit guy who eats burritos every single day’, naturally I wanted to find out more.

My research led me to a curious acronym: IIFYM, billed as a new way of ‘flexible eating’ that seems to have taken over social media.

Search picture sharing website Instagram for the bafflingly-named IIFYM and you’ll find nearly six million pictures, a collection of toned abs, pert bottoms, pancakes, doughnuts, ice-cream and full English breakfasts. Whatever this diet was, I wanted in on it.

Of course, deep down, like all dieters, I know that eating less and moving more is the only way to effectively shed the blubber — but we still cling to the hope that, one day, some scientist will devise a method that means we can keep shovelling food in our mouths while the fat magically melts away.