Sexually transmitted infections are infections caused by bacteria, viruses or parasites that are usually transmitted through sexual intercourse. however, some of them can be transmitted via other means such as contact with blood or other bodily fluids, blood transfusions, sharing needles or from mother to child during childbirth.

Sexually transmitted infections may not present with any symptoms in some cases, and may go unnoticed until they begin to cause complications leading to their discovery. On the other hand, they may present with a variety of other symptoms including:

1. Sores on the genitals
2. Unusual or Foul smelling vaginal discharge or discharge from the penis
3. Lower Abdominal pain
4. Pain during sexual intercourse
5. Pain while passing urine

Treatment of Sexually transmitted Infections usually involves the use of various types of antibiotics to treat bacterial infections or antiviral drugs to treat certain viral infections.

It is not enough to get yourself treated when you discover you have a sexually transmitted infection, you must ensure that your sexual partner(s) are also treated to prevent further spread of the infection and reduce your chances of getting re-infected.