Salt is the most important spice in cooking that one cannot do without but just a little bit of too much salt can ruin even the best meal. It can make food unbearable and at times uneatable, and anybody can fall a victim of the salt mistake.

What can you do when you get too much salt in a recipe? Before you toss out a perfectly good meal, here are some practical ways to reduce salt in your meal.

Increase size of the food: If your food turn salty simply add an extra to the already made meal, it will reduce the salt in the meal.

Sugar: This method works well all the time, add sugar to the over-salt food. The power of the salt will be neutralized.  A bit of sugar goes a long way, so start off with a pinch of sugar or a splash of vinegar. Test the dish after about one minute to give the added ingredients time to intensify. Add a little more at a time until you achieve the desired results. Choose the ingredient based on the type of dish.  Cider vinegar, lemon juice or wine, can also help balance out excess saltiness in a dish.

Add more water: If you are making a soup or other liquid dishes and it comes out wrong, the best option is to pour out some of the salty liquid and add more water.

Scoop it out: You can’t simply scoop out extra salt that’s already dissolved in soup or other liquid meal , but you might be able to save the dish with quick action after making the error. If the lid falls off the salt shaker in mid-pour or you accidentally pour the salt instead of shaking it, quickly grab a spoon and scoop out the excess salt. Do not stir the dish because this encourages the salt to dissolve and distribute throughout the dish. If you can’t scoop out enough undissolved salt, try scooping out some of the liquid and solid foods in the immediate vicinity of the salt pour.

Extract salt with potatoes: This is the easiest method and it does not affect the taste or quantity of your meal. Simply peel fresh potatoes (either Irish or sweet potato), place it at the bottom of the salty dish and leave for some minutes to absorb the salt. Remove and discard the potatoes and your meal is ready.

Serve at a higher temperature. Temperature affects taste in complex ways, but a cold dish can taste saltier than a hot one. If warming the dish isn’t an option, consider serving it with a hot drink like coffee or tea instead to neutralize the taste