Mascara has it’s special place in the makeup bag of any girl, because it can absolutely change the way our eyes look.

Let me share with you some tips and secrets to make your lashes look their best.

Apply mascara after the eyeshadow: like this the eyeshadow won’t fall down and sit on your lashes which can look really bizarre.

Always curl your lashes before applying mascara: This will give you the effect of wider eyes and will make you look more awake. Never use a lash curler on the lashes with mascara on, because you can break them and the curl, anyway, will look unnatural. We don’t want bent and clumpy lashes.

Use a “zig-zag” technique when applying mascara: Go from the roots in tiny zig-zag motions upwards till the ends of your lashes. This will add volume and length, as well as help to cut down clumps.

Wiggle your lashes at the base: This will make them look thicker.

If some of your lashes have stuck together: Use a clean lash comb to brush and separate them, try to do it when the mascara isn’t yet dry.

If you are striving for the long lashes and “full look”, chose the “blackest black” mascara: because it’s the only colour that can make your eyes stand out and make your lashes appear amazingly long with plenty of volume.

If you aren’t satisfied with one layer of mascara:Brush your lashes (with little lush comb) and then, apply a second layer of mascara to add volume, but never apply a second layer of mascara when the first one isn’t yet dry. Only this way your lashes will look more voluminous and without clumps.

If you are after a big volume, try to powder your lashes before applying mascara.

If you made a smudge on your eyelid: While applying mascara, take a q-tip, lightly dip it into your foundation and take away the unwanted mascara spot by rotating a q-tip.

Apply a special base coat or lash primer before applying mascara: It will add volume and length to your lashes. If you don’t have a primer, you can try to apply a simple eye cream on your lashes and let it dry, only then apply your mascara. This will add length and moisturise your lashes.

Don’t forget corners of your eyes, because your longest lashes are located exactly there: When you finished applying mascara, close your eyes and apply a little bit more on the corner’s lashes going from the roots – upwards.

There are different types of mascaras on the market: one for volume, for length, curling and waterproof, as well as mascaras of different tones and colours. You can always try to combine them. For example, a mascara giving volume together with the one that gives length can make a great effect on your lashes. Or you can try to apply a black mascara on the upper lashes and the brown or grey – on the lower ones, to get more sophisticated result.

Use a business card to apply mascara: This trick is very simple: place a card on your eyelid, right above your lashes. If you gently lift the card with your eyelid still in contact, you should see your lashes being lifted upwards as well. Then apply mascara on your lashes against the card. This way you won’t stain you eyelid, you will apply mascara on each one of your lashes evenly without flaking, and this way you can even curl your lashes a little bit by pressing them against the card with your mascara brush.

Treat your eyelashes in a similar way you treat you hair: You can condition your lashes using an olive oil or a castor one (actually, any other moisturiser will do). It’s better to apply these kind of products right before bed time, after you’ve finished removing all the makeup.

Don’t use a waterproof mascara every day: Because removing it requires a lot of time and effort, as well as pulling around of the gentle area around your eyes which can have big impact with the time. Also, waterproof mascara can dry out your lashes and make them weaker…It’s ok to use it rarely, only when you really need your mascara to be waterproof, for example, when you go to the swimming pool or while on the beach.