Hello, Every Woman World followers, this is a sentimental one for me. I recently almost broke up with my partner coz i was sacrificing my hapiness a lot. I was always very happy with him so I didn’t really notice when things started going off. I thought we were perfect but alas, he was also not happy. Anyways, we were able to get over the rough patch and today I will be sharing with you my opinion on how to stop sacrificing yourself and how to can be happy again if you currently ain’t happy.

1. TALK THINGS OUT:  Without communication, there is no relationship. Communication is very vital and it’s the key 🔑 to being happy.  Often, we female suffer in silence and just take everything and keep it in. No. This is very wrong. You are sacrificing and at the same time poisoning yourself coz you may not notice, but the moment you start sacrificing yourself, you begin to unconsciously frustrate your partner. You will start taking it out on him without realizing you doing so. That is where communication comes in. No matter how unhappy you are, try and talk it out with him. Even if you’ve forgotten how to, I believe there was a time you guys had no trouble in that department, so try to go back in time and then resurrect it back. Look for a time your partner is happy and is at ease and approach him. Don’t get angry while talking, keep your cool and don’t be aggressive but show him you are hurt and let him feel your pain. Let your pain reach out to him.  Believe me, he will understand.

2. DON’T THREATEN WITH BREAKUP: I have noticed that most like to threaten their partner with breakup just to make them sit up. No.  This is very wrong. Don’t ever threaten your partner with breakup unless you know you are ready to let him go. If you think you are,  then try and imagine yourself without him anymore, try and remember your happiest moments together. If you can’t remember any,  then think about the fact that will your leaving hurt him. Really, you are the one who single-handedly made the decision to be sacrificing yourself so,  don’t take it out on him by threatening him. 

3. OPEN UP YOURSELF TO HAPPINESS AGAIN: Try and open up yourself to happiness again. Give your partner another chance to make you happy. 

Like I said earlier,  this is just my opinion, feel free to share yours also and your experience in the comment section below. Thank you sweetheart for putting up with me even though I probably frustrate you alot. #Darerocks.