Don’t get warded off by the name French Toast, ANYBODY (i repeat, ANYBODY) can make french toast and the ingredients are available. 18 out of 20 people have the ingredients to make french toast in their kitchen right now. French toast is a very sweet dish that can double as both a meal and a snack (depending on your garnish).

2 slices of bread

2 medium eggs

1 teaspoon Icing sugar (optional garnish) or Honey

1 tablespoon of butter


Break your eggs into a bowl and whisk them till they are properly mixed.

Put whisk eggs aside for the french toast

In a pan start to heat up your butter on medium heat.

Dip the bread in the egg and place in the pan with the butter.

Fry bread on both sides till brown.

making french toast

Serve with icing sugar or Honey