Online dating is fun, fulfilling and most actually prefer it to offline dating. Online dating is also very dangerous. There are some rules one must follow though and today I’m writing this for those who are into online dating or who wish to go into it. It’s a very nice platform to meet people with same likes, opinions, ideas and actually to fall in love. Below are the rules, the Dos and Don’ts of online dating.

Rules And Do’s

  • Be 100% honest about yourself.
  • Don’t write any one off easily. Everyone you meet is a potential boyfriend.
  • Get to know him well.
  • Don’t push him into commitment.
  • Give him a chance to know you. 
  • Let him know what you looking for. 
  • It’s okay to fall in love, but do so only after you trust him.


  • Never send your full naked pictures. Never. 
  • Don’t send him more than 5 of your pictures until you meet. 5 is enough to confirm you are real.
  • Never pay your way to see him if it’s interstate. Especially when it’s your first meeting. If he can’t send you money to come, girl, he’s not someone you can rely on. A gentleman won’t ask you to come see him without sending you the fare. You can start paying your way after your first meeting.,
  • There are many freaks out there, be very sure and careful for your first meeting. It’s preferable if it’s public place.
  • Don’t go for a sweet talker but a real man. 

This are just from my own point of view. Are you actively searching? You can try online dating. Your true love may be just a click away, no harm in trying.

Do you have any experience with online dating or anything you want to add to this article, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

EveryWomanWorld will like to remind that true love exist so don’t give up yet.