​Some ladies have been played and heart broken so many times they now automatically have a tough skin when they hear the word relationship. Of course, we can’t run forever, which is why it’s time for those of us who are terrified of falling in love to learn how to get over it, so we can experience everything romantic partnership has to offer.


1. DON’T BE IN A RUSH TO MEET HIS FAMILY: If you meet his family early on, you might feel like everything is moving too quickly. Besides, if you end up dumping him, you’ll upset the entire family. That’s why you should wait until things get super serious to actually meet his parents.


2. FIND HEALTHY COUPLES TO ADMIRE: If you’re terrified of commitment, because your parents are divorced, you should find an elderly couple that can prove how differently marriage can turn out. They might even be able to pass on some helpful information to keep your relationship strong.


3. DON’T OVERTHINK HIS ACTIONS: Don’t try to decipher every action your boyfriend makes. If your man looks at another woman, it doesn’t mean he’s going to cheat on you. If he stares at her and flirts with her, that’s another story. However, if his actions are harmless, don’t make yourself sick over them.


4. STOP FLIRTING: Once you enter a relationship, you need to stop flirting with other men. Your worst fear is getting your heart broken, so why would you break your partner’s heart? Don’t make it your mission to hurt him before he hurts you.


5. REMEMBER THAT NOT ALL MEN ARE THE SAME: If you’re scared of commitment because your ex broke your heart, you have to remember that your new boyfriend isn’t like your old one. They’re two completely different people, so don’t blame him for your old flame’s mistakes. Give him the clean slate he deserves.


6. FIND SOMEONE WORTH BEING IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH: You’ll never be able to commit to someone you don’t really care about. That’s why you need to wait to date until you find someone you can imagine having a future with. Once you do, it won’t be as hard for you to open yourself up to love.


7. TALK ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS: If you’re terrified of love, then there are a lot of little things that could scare you away from your partner. Whenever something happens, no matter how small, bring it up in conversation. Letting him know how you’re feeling could save your relationship. You don’t want to keep anything bottled up.