Some women due to self esteem issues and body issues keep feeding their minds detrimental information which eventually manifest in reality. A girl who has been used and dumped by various guy might start to tell herself that she’s a piece of shit and eventually her relationship life can start to be like that.


1. SINGLE LIFE MIGHT BE BETTER: Sure, single life is great. Of course, being in a relationship is great, too. Don’t fool yourself into believing that you’d be happier alone than with a guy who’s perfect for you. If you find Mr. Right, go after him. 


2. LOVE DOESN’T EXIST: If you think that monogamy isn’t natural, and that true love is a load of crap, then you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. The first step to finding love is believing that it actually exists. Have an open heart.


3. MAYBE YOU’RE UGLY: You’re not ugly. Even if you were, that wouldn’t change the fact that you deserve to be in a loving relationship. Looks aren’t everything. Of course, one day you’ll find a man who will think you’re the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen.

4. YOU’LL END UP HEART BROKEN AGAIN: You can’t be pessimistic when it comes to love. If you think that a relationship is going to end before it begins, then you’re going to start off on the wrong foot with him. You don’t need to be optimistic. Just be realistic.


5. ALL THE GOOD MEN ARE TAKEN: Come on, you know that this is ridiculous. There are plenty of good men out there that are single. You just need to sift through the bad ones in order to find them. It might take time, but you’ll eventually find the person meant for you.


6. HE’S WAY OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE: If you refuse to walk up to your crush, because you assume he’d never feel the same way about you, how are you ever going to land a date with him? You need to think of yourself as hot stuff. Know that any guy would be lucky to call you his girlfriend.


7. YOU DESERVE TO BE TREATED POORLY: If you let a man talk down to you, then you’re going to end up settling for less than you deserve. Don’t let anyone push you around. If someone is rude to you, kick them out of your life. Hold out for some one special 

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