​Most brides-to-be carry smiley faces when shopping for wedding dresses but others consider it a nightmare. Regardless, it is inevitable; brides can ignore the wedding shopping spree. The bride, her mother and probably prospective mother-in-law will scout for wedding dresses together.

As the bride, have you consider what you will wear when trying on your wedding dress? To help make the arduous process less embarrassing in front of family and shop attendants, below are tips on what to wear when trying on a wedding dress.
Wearing a comfortable outfit will make it easy to put on and take off when trying on a new dress.

Appropriate undergarments, which may include an uplifting strapless nude bra and simplest and plainest panties, or nude boy shorts.

The underwears should fit perfectly to help get the exact size of your wedding dress.
Tights and leggings are optional and if you plan to try something tight around the lower body, it’s better to bring these.

Shapewears such as a girdle, spanx or croset are necessary if you want to try on the gown with little on no assistance.

Apply light makeup and avoid colored lipsticks or too much foundation cream, all of which can stain the wedding dress.

Try on your bridal accessories like your headpiece, tiara, veil, jewellery to see how it would look on the D-day.

Wear heels of similar height with what you are going to wear on the big day to create a more complete look and just to see if it feels right.