​Couple usually watch movies when they don’t feel like going out. It is a great idea but there is a lot more you can do on a night in together.

Get your groove on, and try these activities if you are bored of your routine.

Cooking contest

Shop for grocery and prepare each other favourite dishes for the date. Slip into your favourite outfit to make it feel more like an outing

Play indoor games

Add a new twist to your game night. Inculcate daring options to make it challenging and competitive.
Dance competition

Get sweaty, Turn on your favorite music and have as much fun as you can with your partner. The endorphins you get from breaking a sweat together can boost your attraction, and it’ll help motivate both of you to get moving.
Couple massage

Unlike going to the salon, couples’ massages are two-sided and totally free.

What better way to celebrate your chemistry than singing classic couples duets.
Watch movies

Set up a cozy movie night that guarantees you some privacy. Settle on a film or a couple episodes of a television series and order in some pizza.

Source: PulseGhana