landscape-1477318116-hourglass-1Have you always be wondering why your makeup does not stay long before you face start caking up and you have tried several things to make you makeup last long? Don’t worry you are not alone in the struggle,it happens to almost every lady. This article is a must read for every lady, so you can know the major reasons why your makeup doesn’t last long.

You keep touching your face: We know that touching our hair makes it greasy, so why do we sit at our desk and lean on our hands? The warmth of your hands, combined with the constant touching, breaks down your makeup. Not only that but it also spreads germs and can worsen acne, so rule number one…keep those hands where we can see them ladies.

You are not blotting: Excess oil is usually the main reason for your makeup breaking down. If your skin is more on the oily side, you will know all too well the pain of looking in the mirror at 3pm, to see a beacon of shining light has taken over your face. Rather than re-applying makeup on top of grease, you need to blot to take away that excess oil.

You are using too many products: If you’re applying moisturiser and foundation within 5 minutes in the morning, your makeup is going to slip right off. If you do apply moisturiser in the morning you need to give it time to sink in, before you apply your makeup.

You are using the wrong foundation: The wrong foundation is one of the factors that make your makeup go off quickly. Using the wrong foundation makes your makeup look horrible in the first place and eventually it will wash off.

You are not using a primer: Using a primer will help your foundation last longer. If you don’t use one and have problems with your makeup lasting.

You are not using a setting spray: Setting sprays might seem a bit gimmicky but like primers, they actually work. It’s not necessarily a step you should do every day but if you are going for a very important event and you want your makeup to stay long, always finish your makeup routine with a few sprays.

You are not using a powder: There’s no two ways about it, if you want your foundation to last, you have to set it with a powder. Any liquid makeup has to be set, or it will just wear off.  Powders will set your makeup but leave a much more flattering soft focus on the skin.

You are touching up with a powder brush: When you face is shiny it’s because there is a build up of excess sebum and oil, but all a powder brush will do is further move your makeup. Instead, touch up with a beauty sponge